PPC Ad campaigns have become more prevalent over the years. It has been stated by PPC Protect that 79% of marketers find PPC to be extremely beneficial for their business.  It is also reported by the same source that Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management is used by 45% of small enterprises. With 49% of users clicking on text advertising, they are the most popular. PPC is cited by 74% of brands as a major source of revenue. In the next 12 months, 64% of brands intend to boost their PPC budgets.

PPC Advertising helps companies to take advantage of their targeted customers, locations, keywords and time of the day. This he way brands can target their products and services to the right people at the right time on the right platforms. With PPC, small businesses can be cost-efficient by marketing to their local audiences in near-by places.

It is has therefore become a budget friendly source of advertising, when done correctly. This article will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to run PPC campaigns effectively.

What is PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management is an advertising model that uses keywords to market your brand across the internet. It’s an effective marketing tool to drive traffic to your website. When a user clicks on an ad that is published on the publisher’s website, the advertiser pays the publisher for each click-through. The amount received by the advertiser varies depending on a number of criteria. When done effectively, PPC campaigns are a great way to target your brand to the right customers so you may be able to create more leads to your website.

The Do’s of PPC Campaign Management

Here’s a list of things that you should keep in mind, while setting up you PPC advertising campaign.

1.      Do create a proper Landing Page

The most important step of your PPC campaign management is to create the best landing page. You need to make sure that your landing page or website has all the relevant information that your customer requires. This includes proper headlines, product/service images and SEO optimized content. You should be able to answer your customer’s query and give them the information they are looking for just when they land on your page. Without a proper landing page, you may not be able to convert leads into potential customer and your ad budget may go wasted.

2.      Do Dig deeper into your keywords

Know all about your target audience before researching the keywords. Make the right use of the readily available free tools like Google Keywords Planner and Ahref. It can help you in finding the relevant keywords for your brand.

·        Market Competitive Keywords

While setting up a PPC campaign, you need to analyze your competitors in the market. How similar their product is to yours and what keywords are they using for their PPC campaign. You need to make sure the keywords do not have a high competition so it is easy to use while bidding. This is because bidding on a competitor’s keyword is expensive and can take a lot from your marketing budget. You therefore need to be wise on selecting the right keyword that gives you the most return on investment.

·        Product/Service related Keywords

For an effective PPC campaign management, you may add keywords that serve the best interest of your target audience. It should be related to the product or service you’re offering. For example, if you have a healthy product, your keywords may revolve around plant-based food, herbal supplement e.tc.

·        Geographical Keyword Research

Your keywords should be focused on the areas where you want your brand to be found. A keyword that is well-defined in terms of the target country has a better chance of performing successfully. Because keyword competition varies by place, it’s best to be specific about the area you’re targeting.

3.      Do Re-Target your Ad Campaign

Your PPC campaign management should retarget ads for better results. This way you can improve your ad to reach more audiences so you have better chance of converting leads into potential customers. You may also re-market to customers who have visited your website, but did not make a purchase.

4.      Do focus on mobile specific Ad Campaigns

There has been a growing usage of mobile over the years due to which mobile-ads show good results. A mobile friendly PPC campaign will therefore tend to perform better. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices and use keywords that encourage users to take quick decisions.


The Don’ts of PPC Campaign Management

These are the things you should refrain from while setting up your PPC ad campaign.

5.      Don’t chose keywords based on search volume

Using high volume keywords may sound like a right strategy at first but it really isn’t. A keyword with a high search volume means it has more competition in the market. It may be difficult to rank your website or landing page on top. It is rather advisable to choose keywords based on your target audience so you have better chances of reaching them out.

6.      Don’t drive all the traffic to your landing page

Even though having a proper landing page is the most important part of your PPC campaign. So make sure the entire website walks you through clear CTAs. This will ensure your customer knows what next to do. Whether it’s to sign up to your newsletter, purchase item or subscribe. Your website should properly guide the customer towards your desired action across all web pages.

7.      Don’t have unspecified goals

One common mistake that advertisers do in their PPC campaign management is to not have clear and consistent goals. A marketer should know who the kind of business being served, their target audience and competition.  You should further know the number of leads you want, how much revenue do you expect to generate and how much budget have you specified for the ad campaign. Once you have done proper research beforehand, your ad is likely to perform better.

8.      Don’t try to do it yourself

A common mistake that brands usually make is trying to do everything themselves. You may be able to set up your ad campaign but what if your landing page is not as effective? What if the ad isn’t working properly because of some technical mistakes?
If you have a certain ad budget but it is not being utilized properly, then all of your money may go in vain. It is therefore important to hire a professional who can run your PPC ad campaign successfully.

If you’re looking for PPC management services, Dexterous is one click away to help you set up the best PPC ad campaign for your business.

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