B2B SEO is a marketing strategy that tries to boost the visibility of B2B website pages in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In B2B SEO, long-tail keywords are regularly used. According to a survey, marketers who use both organic SEO and pay-per-click ads find a 25% increase in clicks and a 27% increase in income over those who just use one strategy.

The purpose of business-to-business (B2B) SEO is to enhance organic search engine traffic and rankings. An effective B2B SEO plan puts a company’s website in front of people who are actively looking to engage in their services or purchase their products.

This article will provide you a detailed overview of all the latest B2B SEO strategies that your company may use to improve its rankings.

Build Your Decision Maker Persona

When it comes to B2C SEO, the searcher is frequently the buyer. With B2B SEO, you can’t rely on that. When making purchasing decisions, decision-makers will confer with executive stakeholders, managers, and sometimes even heads of other departments. A solid B2B SEO strategy will be to involve everyone in the buying decision, not just the purchaser.

How to build you buyer persona

It is important to carefully analyze the buyer persona. A deeper understanding of your buyer will include their demographics, behavioral patterns, goals and interests. It will also answer questions like what are the primary factors that influence their supplier selection? Are there any areas where a supplier is failing to meet the needs of our personas? Would our persona want to be reached by email or would they prefer to meet in person? By considering these points, you will be better able to target the right people while doing B2B SEO.


Choose Your Bottom of the Funnel Keywords

Bottom of the funnel keywords are the ones that are used at conversion stage. This is when the buyer is ready to make a purchase decision. At this point, the goal is to bring the connection to a mutually satisfying conclusion. Use long tail keywords that are more specific to your niche. The more specific the buyer’s search query is, the closer it gets from making a purchase.

For example ‘’leather jacket” is a short tail keyword with over 3 billion searches. It can get difficult for buyers to track you down from this many search results. But with a broader keyword like “leather jacket with fur collar” the search result is narrowed down to 32 million searches. This way you have better chances to be visible to your customer. According to a source, long-tail keyword searches have a 3% to 5% greater click-through rate than generic searches. The same survey suggests that approximately half of all search queries are four words or longer.


Find Top of the Funnel Topics

A good B2B SEO strategy is when brands cover topics that come under the “Awareness” phase. These are the topics that help customers be aware of their needs. In this stage, customers would like to solve a problem or avail a new opportunity. Your brand needs to be out there to give them enough information that satisfies their need. It is possible that they already know about you but they are simply looking for multiple data sources or alternate options to come up with a solution. You can attract clients by creating high-quality content that isn’t intended to sell a product or service but rather to provide useful information.

Optimize Your Product/Services Landing Pages

B2B companies have to figure out what the search engine wants instead of observing what their clients want to hear. In that case, one of the top priorities needs to be the landing page. If your content is performing well and helps your website rank higher on Google’s SERP but your landing page is not what your customer is looking for than you may lose a potential client.  Design a compelling landing page to persuade your prospects to take the next step in the buying process. A landing page that has all the information the customer is looking for including proper headlines, text and images calls for a killer B2B SEO strategy.


Create Note-Worthy Content

A winning B2B SEO strategy is to create content that educates and inspires your audience. The key to getting found organically is to write noteworthy articles on topics that your clients are searching for.  Google’s algorithms are designed to crawl the web and find out what your content is about on their own. You need to trust that your content will rank higher if you simply write as if you’re conversing with your ideal customer.

Provide valuable information

In comparison to B2C marketing, B2B content marketing strategy has a significantly longer sales cycle, more stakeholders, and greater prices. As a result, don’t expect cold organic visitors to translate into revenue. The majority of people searching in the B2B arena aren’t ready to make a purchase just yet. They’re looking for the tools and information they need to do their jobs. Your content must therefore sound natural and informative to your ideal customers. This way it has better chances of ranking higher on Google.

Raise brand awareness

B2B SEO is more than just ensuring that your website appears when customers search for your product category. It’s all about getting your audience to expect to see your website when they Google any particular inquiry.

There are certain B2B brands like HubSpot who sets a brilliant example in raising brand awareness. If you Google practically anything related to marketing, you’ll almost always find them on the page.

Make Use of Video Blogs

B2B companies need to adapt to the changing marketing environment. People now look for online videos to access information. According to source, if your site has video on the landing page, it’s 53% more likely to appear on Google’s first page. Your click-through rate also increases as a result of videos, resulting in a 157% boost in organic traffic from SERPs (search engine results page). Videos communicate human emotion, making it simple to relate to the information. Therefore, a good B2B SEO strategy will be to incorporate videos in your website, in order to attract maximum customers and increase customer traffic.

Build Backlinks For Your Website

When another website links back to yours, this is known as a backlink. They’re also known as inbound and outbound links.  Building links to your web content makes your article more credible. Your piece of information looks more viable in front of your customers. Backlinks are the biggest key to rank higher on Google. Backlinks from high-ranking pages can help your website attract more visitors. However, for maximum traffic, the sheer number of backlinks from unique websites (referring domains) and page-level authority are more crucial.

Some killer ways to build strong backlinks include:



A good B2B SEO strategy is never achieved by a bunch of steps and procedures. You need to continue seeking for ways that improve your site’s content and possibilities to earn authority links, and you should see a rise in organic traffic and website visibility. Focus on your target audience, their wants, and the issues they’re trying to solve, and present your company as a one stop solution.

If your company is struggling and lacks experience and expertise, you can turn to Dexterous, a talented agency that can assist you in developing a successful B2B SEO plan.

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