Creative marketing campaigns during the festive season can not only build strong brand recognition, but also generate leads.

For a lot of brands, the festive season is a time when they need to compete against many others.

The season of giving is here and it is important to note that your campaign should be as creative as possible and not just another generic Christmas card. There are many ways to integrate art into your campaign, such as including an illustration or infographic with holiday-related statistics in the design. For example, emoji buttons increase engagement by 20% and animated GIFs by 10%.

In this article, we’ll share with you the most creative ways of constructing a Christmas marketing campaign that promises to generate more leads for your business.


1.      Make your Christmas Emails exciting

Email Marketing

Your email list is always your potential buyers. Don’t let your subscribers miss out on this great opportunity. Bring them the most compelling offer by providing crazy discounts like ‘’Get 20% off on our entire collection’’.  You can even give discounts on the products that compliment the holiday season.  


Not only this, the email content should give your readers a Christmas vibe, so they get excited to buy from you. Design the best email template. From exciting headlines, to images and the landing pages, everything should tell readers that you’re just as excited for Christmas as they are. And you bring the most valuable Christmas deals for them to enjoy.

2.      Don’t cash-in, add value

The deals that you offer should not look like you’re making money out of a holiday season. Your customers are looking for anything that makes the festive season more exciting, not expensive. So create a hassle-free Christmas marketing campaign that is easy to avail. Such as ‘’free shipping on orders above $50”, “avail a gift card” or “buy one-get one free”. This way your customers will be willing to go the extra mile and purchase from you.

Giveaways & Gift Voucher

Celebrate this auspicious occasion by giving free gifts to your customers. This will create excitement amongst your audience. You may also be able to stand out from the competition. A Gift Voucher can entice customer to visit your brand’s social media and web pages. This way you can even acquire more customers.

Instacart is gave its PayPal users a $100 gift certificate to motivate them to buy groceries and household items from them during the Christmas holidays.

Instacart Gift Card

Forbes offered a free giveaway to its readers, so they can increase website visits and direct audience towards their social media platforms.

Forbes Giveaway


A customer is always waiting for great offers and discounts. Christmas is a good time to avail that opportunity. Give your customers a good reason to like shopping with you and to repeat purchases. Offer discounts on your ‘most popular items’ or items that compliment the Christmas theme.

Free Delivery

One thing that excites your customer to buy from you is the option to get it delivered for free. A brand that is able to offer free delivery is always preferred over others. Make the most out of this festive season and bring crazy ‘free delivery’ deals that your audience is unable to resist.

Apple offered free shipment on their hot items to encourage consumers to buy.

Apple Free Delivery



3.      Don’t add a sense of urgency

Your customers already know the deals are for Christmas. When you add a limited time offer in your Christmas marketing campaign, chances are they might not buy from you. A sense of urgency distracts customers from the actual offering and makes them more time-bound. Instead of creating urgency, give them reasons of why they should avail this offer now. A strong reason can actually motivate your potential customers to buy from you.

4.      Create a buzz through social media channels

Your social media has the ability to reach out to a larger audience. You need to create excitement on all the relevant social media channels. Alert your followers on the upcoming Christmas discounts and offers. Leverage the analytics and tools to share your message to the world. Use paid and organic platforms to connect with your audience.

A compelling Christmas social media marketing campaign will reach out on all platforms like facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter. Use the relevant social media marketing services to create a strong buzz in the market. This will not only inform your potential customers of your Christmas marketing campaign, but also keep reminding them until they make their purchase.

5.      Use price bundles

What makes a Christmas marketing campaign strike out is how you price your offering. Give them a valuable offer that they won’t refuse. One such way to do that is through price bundles. Bundling can persuade customers to spend a bit more on an item they might not have bought otherwise.

Bundles can even give an impression of a gift set. So, customers may be willing to buy it as a form of gifting it to their loved ones. Price bundles may convince your audience to make a purchase decision given that they have the same product in a larger quantity at a reasonable price. There are a few other Christmas pricing strategies that may help with your marketing campaign.

Create a successful Christmas Marketing Campaign

Companies can plan on a successful marketing campaign this holiday season by taking these points into consideration.

  1. Know the goals for your advertising campaign. This will help you focus your attention on what is most important.
  2. Make your ads creative and catchy so that you are not just sending them to people who are not interested in your product or service.
  3. Try to send out reminders about promotions to customers, which will create sales and boost profit margins.

If you require further consultancy and services, Dexterous is one step away to help you create a compelling Christmas marketing campaign and generate good leads.

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