Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools that companies can use to increase brand awareness and reach. A lot of brands are now using video marketing services to produce videos for their company. The trend is growing because they believe that it’s easier and more cost-effective than hiring a professional videographer or filming something on their own.

A video marketing strategy can be used to promote a product, service, or event. It’s also a great way to establish your company as an authoritative source in your industry.

In this article, we will discuss how your brand can reach new heights with creative video marketing services.

What is Video Marketing

Video Marketing is used as a powerful tool to engage with your customers. Marketers utilize video marketing services to promote the brand to a wider audience, give product tours or communicate their brand message in the form of blogs.

Videos have become an effective form of content marketing to build brand awareness, increase engagement and reach more people. According to Animoto’s research, video advertisements are the most common route for buyers to go from discovering a company to purchasing its products. Another survey by Cisco suggested that by 2022, video IP traffic will account for 82% of total IP traffic (including business and consumer). Video marketing has become one of the most popular corporate trends. It is also one of the most adaptable methods for rapidly delivering information without requiring additional cognitive work.

How Video Marketing Services can help your brand

1.     Product/Service Tour

Videos can be used to demonstrate how a product or service is utilized. Many brands use video guides to give customers a proper tutorial of their product or service. You can walk consumers through upcoming new features or provide a simple guide on how to use them appropriately. Video tours are a great way to introduce your product to the audience. It’s also a good strategy to build an interactive on-boarding experience for new signups. The most effective tour guide is one that is able to capture customer’s attention by creating a video that solves their problem.

Google Ads Help gives a detailed tour guide of each of their service so customers have a detailed knowledge and understanding of how their product works.

2.     Live videos

Many brands have started using live videos as an initiative to engage with their audience. Live videos are a great video marketing service that helps you connect with your audience. This way your brand feels more human and customers take interest in what you have to say. A live question and answer session give customers the chance to ask any query they may have regarding your brand. Live videos are also used as a video marketing tactic to stream an event. A live streaming event allows customers who would not otherwise be able to attend an announcement, forum, question-and-answer session, or other event hosted by the company to participate.

Nestle used live streaming for the Drumstick Periscope Campaign where they promoted their product by going live on twitter and using influencers to film there summer activities while enjoying Drumstick. The campaign reached out to a large number of people and went viral.

3.     Video Blogs

Video blogs are blogs where information is shared in the form of videos rather than texts. It’s a more interactive form of sharing the brand’s message to a bigger audience. According to biteable, 74% of marketers suggest that video tends to have a better return on investment than a static post. Videos are better able to help users comprehend the information provided than other mediums. A video blogs is better able to convey information because it’s easier to depict emotions and body language. A more detailed message can be communicated in a much shorter time through visual presentation. Video blogs have therefore become an effective source of communication with the target audience. It can easily pull out large number of views and increase reach and conversion rate.

HubSpot is doing a great job marketing its services through video blogs. It is a software product developer that provides a personalized experience through video marketing. With a customer centric approach, HupSpot has increased its brand reach and awareness through educational videos.

4.     Paid Advertising

Paid or sponsored advertising is a marketing strategy in which businesses bid to have their ads displayed on social media platforms. PPC ads appear in front of, during, or after other videos. It runs on a cost per view basis where the advertiser is charged if the audience views it. Adding video in your PPC campaign can prove to be a more effective form of advertising. According to 84% of video marketers, video has helped them in generating more leads. Not only this, you can also utilize your budget more efficiently with an in-stream ad. You may be able to run video advertising on key platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and others, allowing you to reach a wider audience. With video ads, you are likely to drive 60% more engagement that ad with images.

FedEx tapped into the emotions around causes with its video ad. The ad, in particular, focused on the company’s innovative reusable packaging, with a clear narrative and to-the-point graphics highlighting their environmentally friendly approach.

Source: SimpliLearn


5.     Shoppable Video

A Shoppable video is a new marketing strategy in which customers can watch a variety of products while watching the video in real time. If they are interested in a product, all they have to do is click straight on the video. There are numerous clickable links incorporated and they will be directed to another page where they can purchase it. Shoppable Video makes it easier for customers to look for a product, as it is just a click away. Moreover, it also help in boosting engagement and conversion rates. The video tends to grab customer’s attention while the product clickable feature simplifies the entire buying process driving sales and conversion.

Triller, a short video platform, has launched a new livestream shopping feature where NYX Professional Makeup hosted a shoppable video experience. The livestream featured celebrities attempting to recreate their Y2K looks with products from NYX Cosmetics’ autumn 2021 collection, with a purchase button linked to the collection on the brand’s website.


Build your brand’s voice through Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new trend in the digital marketing industry. With a 96% increase in online video consumption, video content has become an essential component of every marketing campaign. Infact, the online video views were reported to reach 100 minutes a day in 2021, and will continue to increase in the near future.

In recent years, video marketing services have become increasingly popular. This is because it provides a better user experience than text or graphics. It’s also more engaging and interactive than other forms of digital advertising content.

Video content is not only being used to promote products. You can also use it to provide customer service, educate customers, and share company values.

If you incorporate video marketing services in your digital campaigns, there is a high chance of conversion, since 72% of buyers prefer to learn more about a product or service through a video content.

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